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miércoles, 22 de junio de 2011

Past narrative tenses

Here you've got some exercises for you to complete: Click here

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  1. I found this exercises easy and fast to do them.
    I didn´t find the summary of "The Pit and the Pendulum", Where I can get it? Guadalupe Garcia

  2. Hello Silvia, I just wanted to tell you that I've already printed the excercises and I'll do the homework as soon as I can.

  3. Sorry, the last comment was mine. I'm Catalina Mas 3ro B Santa Cruz

  4. Hi Silvia! I've done the exercises but now I have to print them. Nice Blog and good luck =)
    Kevin Fang
    PS:Why is the 3rd "practice" in the webpage's tittle written with "S"? xD

  5. silvia we have done the exercise of past narrative sentences and we´ve read the pit and the pendulum. we would try to print them for tomorrow. Good luck with the blog! see you
    Melanie Romano and Luciana Prado.

  6. Hi Silvia, I' ve just done the exercise.
    See you!
    Julieta Montenegro

  7. I've just finished doing the exercises. I found them easy, but useful. The blog is great, although I had some difficulty in finding the information.
    Good night.

    Ramiro García Gándaras

  8. Hi Silvia, I've just read the review and made the excercises. I can't print them because my printer is broken. I'll print it for next class. Delconte Juan Ignacio.

  9. Silvia I've printed the sheet of paper and I've done the exercises. Interesting blog.
    Gonzalo Delperi 3rd "A"

  10. Silvia I´ve done the excersise and I think it´s a quickly way of practising. Micaela Pombo 3°A

  11. Hi silvia, I've made the excercices, but I can't print it because my printer is broken, i will print it for next week.
    Nicolas Gilabert 3º "B"